Campus Design

Campus Design

The university should be an East African university rather than a university that happens to be in East Africa. The design should in some way evoke the fact that the university is both an Indian Ocean university and a university linked to the landscapes and inland cultures of Eastern Africa. The design should encourage connections among students coming from a wide variety of landscapes, cities, ethnic backgrounds and classes.

The Aga Khan University envisions FAS EA as a fundamentally East African university. As the campus is the heart of a university, the architecture for the FAS EA campus in Arusha, Tanzania will reflect this vision.

Outdoor and indoor spaces will connect seamlessly in the integrated living and learning locations designed to encourage quiet reflection, intimate conversation, and both formal and informal discussion and debate. A botanical garden will not only add to the campus’ natural beauty, but also complement the curriculum by providing opportunities to conduct research in biodiversity and sustainability.

The on-campus residences will encourage a shared, community-based living experience. Communal dining and social spaces will encourage students from a variety of countries, cultures and economic classes to get to know and learn from one another.

Administration will be service-oriented, and integrated with faculty where feasible. The library will be a welcoming space and allow for a wide range of flexible, student-centred learning opportunities.

FAS EA will also be built with cutting-edge information technology principles in mind, allowing instructors to incorporate a variety of media into their lectures campus-wide. Numerous ‘knowledge nodes’ will also make library and technical resources, such as Internet connectivity, available in several locations throughout campus for students, faculty and staff.​​

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