Planning, FAS EA


The planning for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is situated in Nairobi. In East Africa, the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), covering both the medical and nursing schools, which are based in Nairobi, will rely on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for fundamental general education before their students enter their respective programmes.

We have a unique opportunity to address issues facing the region in the 21st Century in a coherent way:

  • Accountable and entrepreneurial leadership
  • Integrated and applied knowledge
  • Nurturing creativity and innovation
  • Applying knowledge and acquiring knowledge through application

The FAS EA constitutes the principal campus of AKU in East Africa, and will follow the AKU’s principles of quality, access, relevance and impact, but highlights a tension between quality and access, the need to undertake basic research and the importance of ethics in the application of knowledge.​