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​Eas​t African Institute

"In an era of breath-taking change and bewildering complexity, we choose not to pull back or to settle down, but instead to reach out and push forward.  The path we have chosen is not easy to chart—and it is certainly not risk free.  But it is both a necessary and an exciting road—filled with the promise of high adventure."

                                                                                                                            His Highness the Aga Khan, AKU Convocation 2006



Experts stress global health must incorporate new models of health professional education
As society and its medical challenges evolve globally, we need new models of health professional education that straddle multiple disciplines and geographic boundaries, said Dr Robert Armstrong of the Aga Khan University and colleagues, in a “perspective” in this week’s Science.

​Our Mission

​The East African Institute’s mission is to provide a coherent and impartial evidence-based platform for policy formulation, decision-making and action to address the challenges and harness the opportunities for adaptive and sustainable social and economic development while ensuring a resilient environmental resource base.

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Simon Fraser University's Institute for Diaspora Research & Engagement presents its inaugural conference, September 20, 2014:

Diaspora, Sustainability, & Development: Meeting at the Nexus

Dr Alex Awiti will speak on the panel, "Extractve Industries, Global Trends & Indigenous/Local Interests."


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