Post RN BScN Programme

Post RN BScN

The Post RN BScN is a two year full-time programme. It offers qualified Registered Nurses who have earned a nursing diploma, an opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Graduates of this programme are currently working in leadership roles in the nursing practice and influencing the development of the nursing profession in the various countries.

Through this programme, graduates will be able to:

Provide safe, competent, and holistic nursing care to clients in a variety of settings.

  • Critique, and apply existing theories and research findings in selected practice settings.
  • Effectively communicate both orally and in writing in a professional manner
  • Demonstrate a high degree of competence to assist communities, families, individuals and institutions in resolving their identified needs.
  • Demonstrate the ability to coordinate activities to provide quality health care for clients in various settings.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the existing health care system and its policies as they affect the nursing profession.
  • Demonstrate appropriate attitudes and socio-political skills to influence and facilitate individuals, families, communities, institutions and colleagues to mobilize resources to meet their health care needs.
  • Utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills to bring about changes in nursing practice in various health care settings.
  • Adhere to established patterns of professional practice which support legal, religious, and ethical tenets of Pakistan


Year 1​

Semester 1​ Credits​ Semester 2​ Credits​
NU 346 Health Assessment​ 3.0​ SC333Introduction to Biostatistics ​ 3.0​
NU 361 Teaching &Learning: Principles and Practices 3.0​ NU348Advanced Concepts in Adult Health Nursing​ 6.0
HU320Culture Health & Society​ 2.0​ SC432 Pathophysiology ​ 4.0​
SC 431 Life Science  ​ 2.0​ EN 415 English ​ 2.0​
EN 414 English​ 2.0​
HU 121 Computer Skills ​ 0​
Total​ ​12.0 ​Total ​15.0
Year 1 Total = 27.0​ ​ ​ ​

Year 2

Semester 1​
Credits ​
Semester 2​ Credits
NU493 Mental Health Nursing and Concepts of Behavioral Psychology​ 6.0​ NU 476 Advanced Concepts in Community Health Nursing ​ ​5.0
NU453Professional Development and Leadership in Healthcare ​ ​2.0 NU444 Senior Elective ​ ​6.0
SC 433 Nursing Research ​ ​3.0 EN 417 English ​ ​2.0
EN 416 English ​ 2.0​
Total​ ​13.0 ​Total ​13.0
​   Year 2 Total = 26.0 ​ ​ ​
​Total Credits = 53.0