Interest Groups

Interest Groups

In an effort to promote collaboration within the nursing profession, AKU hosts three professional Nursing Interest Groups; Community Health Nursing (CHN), Mental Health Nursing (MHN) and Adult Health Nursing (AHN).


The groups were established to offer practicing nurses, researchers and administrators a a forum to share knowledge and facilitate discussion on teaching practices, literature searches and research.


In addition to AKU-SON faculty members, nurses from Aga Khan University Hospital, other hospitals and other schools of nursing participate in these Professional Interest Groups.


Major activities of these groups include:



  • Participation in community health awareness camps and field site selection for the academic year clinicals for schools
  • Outreach activities for other institutions/ companies and communities like Life Support and First Aid courses.
  • Under the umbrella of CHN, Sindh Based CHNIG has carried Faculty development sessions like Health Education and Teaching Plan, Introduction to Epidemiology and Genogram for other schools of Nursing.
  • Conduct workshop for mental health care providers at the provincial level
  • Set up outreach camps to create awareness and promote mental health to general public including one day stress screening and management camps and professional counseling for the general public​