Partnerships and Collaboration

Partnerships and Collaboration

At the School of Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa we are committed to enhancing access to education for nurses throughout the region. Generous support from our donors makes it possible for us to provide nurses across East Africa with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and practice.

We are assisted in our programmes and faculty development by some of our international partners such as McMaster University, University of Alberta, University of California San Francisco and AKU-SONAM Karachi.

Our ability to provide the highest quality programmes and facilitate clinical experiences that are fundamental to our students’ education is made possible by ongoing support from Ministries of Health, Nursing Councils, Nursing Associations and several national health institutions.

Our donors include:

Johnson & Johnson

​Johnson & Johnson have supported our Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse upgrading Diploma programme since 2001. With their generous support, we have been able to broaden the university’s reach in developing the professional skills of nursing students and increasing nursing capacity.

As the Deputy Nursing Supervisor of the medical ward at the government-run Mbagathi Hospital in Nairobi, Lucia fulfils her duties in the ward and in her community. A scholarship from Johnson & Johnson enabled her to pursue an EN-RN diploma at AKU’s Advanced Nursing Studies Programme. Her determination in the field prepared her for meeting her obligations in the classroom. She commented “sometimes the power would go out, and the paraffin wax would run out, but there was nothing that was going to stop me from doing my homework.” She attributes her newfound sense of leadership, and personal and professional confidence to the programme and to the financial support provided by Johnson & Johnson. True to her name which means “full of joy,” Lucia is a nurse and a beacon of hope for her community at large.

[Lucia was featured in an article written by journalist Robert Remington on his visit to Kibera in early 2008. The article was published in the Calgary Herald on Friday, February 8, 2008.]

AKU also facilitated Lucia’s BScN studies through the support of private donors.

Lundin Foundation for Africa

Since 2009, funding from the Canadian-based Lundin Foundation for Africa has made it possible for Aga Khan University to increase rural health workers’ access to nursing and midwifery education programmes and skills training. This funding has contributed to improved outreach and expanded access to health care through upgrading and continuing education programmes offered to nurses in Kaloleni and Kwale districts in coastal Kenya. Our Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse (EN-RN) upgrading Diploma programme is offered in Kaloleni in partnerships with Saint Luke’s Mission Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya and the Kenyan Ministry of Health. So far 42 nurses from the coast region are enrolled on the EN-RN programme. Another 120 nurses have participated in the continuing education programmes offered in Kwale, Kenya.


Eighteen nurses in Mtwara and Lindi Districts in southern Tanzania received training from Aga Khan University Advanced Nursing Studies, Tanzania (ANS) under the USAID funded Tanzania Human Resource Project (THRP). This training enabled the selected Enrolled Nurses become Registered Nurses (EN-RN) through a Conversion Diploma Programme. The aim of the project was to enable the districts to provide quality services with trained personnel. The ANS programme was chosen by the district as part of the Comprehensive Council Health Plan, to provide professional development opportunities to enrolled nurses in the district as a retention mechanism.

Rotary Foundation

Aga Khan University and Rotary International have formed a strategic partnership focused towards improving Maternal and Child Health in East Africa. Through the partnership, the Rotary Foundation – the charitable arm of Rotary International – will provide scholarships and mentorship for nursing and midwifery students at Aga Khan University Advanced Nursing Studies. The Foundation will also provide grants to Rotary clubs to establish volunteer teams to support the professional development of nursing faculty at AKU’s East Africa campuses in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The Rotary Foundation, under its new Future Vision plan, has forged strategic partnerships with Aga Khan University.​​