Our Alumni

Our Alumni​

At AKU’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, we take pride in our alumni. Upon graduation, our students move on to hold key positions of policy and practice in nursing councils, academic institutions and Ministries of Health in their respective countries. They are advocates and role models for influencing the improvement of nursing education and practice in the East African region.

Our Alumni Association and annual Alumni conference provide the opportunity for our graduates to share their experiences, progress and learning with each other and the broader medical community. Bi-annual alumni surveys enable us to keep track of our alumni’s progress.

“Studying at AKU-ANS completely changed my attitude towards nursing, despite having been in the career for over a decade. I realized that AKU-ANS offered a holistic approach to nursing. In addition to studying the latest international nursing practices, we learnt theories on management, delivery of nursing models and other disciplines that help a student learn how to run a hospital, or clinic efficiently. I understood the difference between basic nursing and the management role which is open to a holder of the University’s internationally recognized degree.” Lieutenant Colonel Kimuge Musa Barkitoch, Kenya Army – Alumnus, ANS Kenya

“During my two years in Micheweni with the Benjamin William Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation, my team and I opened a community treatment centre. Furthermore, my proposal to procure a hospital vehicle to facilitate district health activities was successful. My achievements also include contributing to a decline in maternal deaths in my district from 24 mothers in 2006 to 2 mothers in 2007. I travel a lot all over my country, and with very minimal supervision, I perform my duty. I have been empowered by the Aga Khan University to do so, and I am very satisfied with my work.” Esther Mwalugala, National Training Coordinator for Malaria Prevention in Tanzania, World Vision – Alumna, ANS Tanzania

“The attitude in the ward was initially very poor and negative. We are all supposed to be role models. I learned a lot from the change module at AKU and was able to apply the theory to my work. I helped the health staff, including doctors, see the value of their role.” Justine Monica Nalwadda, Chief Nurse at the Mulago National Referral Hospital Mwanamugimu Nutrition Unit, Kampala, Uganda – Alumna, ANS Uganda