EN to RN Diploma Conversion Programme

EN to RN Diploma Conversion Programme

Are you an enrolled nurse? Would you like to upgrade and become licensed to practice as a registered nurse?

If your answer is YES to both questions then the Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse Diploma (EN-RN) is the programme for you!

This conversion programme is designed specifically for enrolled nurses who wish to enhance their knowledge and advance in their careers as health professionals.

Our competency-based curriculum encourages self-directed and problem-based learning.

Our dedicated faculty prepares nurses to improve the quality of health care in their practice environments. 

Learning takes place in well resourced settings enabling nurses to gain the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to provide quality promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care to individuals, families and communities in East Africa.

Graduates of this programme will:

  • be safe, competent and culturally sensitive nurses giving care based on ethical principles;
  • be effective communicators, able to maintain interpersonal, professional interaction with patients, families, communities and other healthcare professionals;
  • be effective nursing managers;
  • be lifelong learners who promote personal and professional growth; and
  • be aware of the research process and its importance in providing best practice.​