Course II

COURSE II : Early Child Development Practice, Programmes and Policies

Learning Objectives

To relate appropriately the following knowledge to the course participant’s experience and application in his or her professional development:

  • The needs of families, caregivers and professionals for ECD programmes.
  • The application of screening and assessments for the promotion of optimal early child development.
  • The role of play in early development and learning in the promotion of ECD.
  • The role of nutrition and health interventions in the promotion of ECD.
  • The role of early childhood care and parent education for the promotion of ECD.
  • Home, Centre, Institutional and Community-based approaches to increase the capacity for improving early child  care and influence public policy.
  • Addressing the needs of the disabled child in ECD strategies.
  • Specific ECD programme approaches within the context of local, regional and country context.
  • Analysis of the impact of local, regional, national and global policies on ECD, including the Millennium Development Goals and the Education For All movement.​