Bioethics in University Curricula

Bioethics in University Curricula

Nursing Programmes

Bioethics is a mandatory component of nursing education at all levels. The General Nursing (RN) diploma was the first academic programme to be offered by Aga Khan University (AKU) in 1980 and bioethics was incorporated as an essential part of the course in 1983. The University started the BSc Nursing Degree in 1997 and bioethics was introduced as a compulsory module in 2002. The Masters programme in Nursing commenced in 2001 and includes a bioethics component.

MBBS Programme

The University started the MBBS programme in 1983 and introduced bioethics in the curriculum in 1987. This was the first MBBS programme in Pakistan to include bioethics as an essential part of the course work. Over the years this programme has had undergone several changes and since 2002, bioethics has been incorporated vertically throughout the five year programme through problem based learning.

Residency Programmes

There are at present 25 residency programmes being offered at AKU. The Postgraduate Medical Education Committee has made bioethics workshops and lectures mandatory in all residency programmes since 1996.

Residency curriculum manual (PDF Format)​

Graduate Programmes

In 1999 the Masters programme in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and the PhD programme in Health Sciences were introduced at AKU and bioethics modules have been an essential component since their inception. Similarly, the Masters in Health Policy and Management was started in 2000 and the Masters in Nursing Programme in 2002 and they too have bioethics modules in their curriculum.​