Bioethics Initiatives

Bioethics is incorporated in all spheres of Aga Khan University (AKU) activities. It has been integrated in all curricula taught at AKU including Nursing Diploma, MBBS, Residency Programmes, Master's Programmes and the PhD Programme. The Ethical Review Committee (ERC) is in place to review research proposals that involve human subjects. Hospital Ethics Committee provides an ethical consultative service around the clock. The Bioethics Group provides a forum for individual development in bioethics and also organises bioethics activities like Grand Round, Question Time Ethics, workshops and symposia.

The most ambitious bioethics project to date is the Pakistan Bioethics Programme funded by a grant from Fogarty International Centre and National Institute of Health (FIC/NIH). A task force constituted under this grant is currently developing a Masters programme in bioethics as well as several certificate courses to be offered to mid-career individuals in health care related fields. This website is intended to provide a link to all these activities. As most of the activities are dynamic and undergoing constant change, this website will also be continually updated and will provide visitors with all the relevant information needed in all the spheres of bioethics activities.​