Resident's Benefits and Facilities

Resident's Benefits and Facilities

Salary Structure

Residents are offered a monthly salary according to their residency level:

Resident I      (PGY1)          Rs 38,000
Resident II     (PGY2)          Rs 39,000
Resident III    (PGY3)          Rs 40,000
Resident IV    (PGY4)          Rs 41,000
Resident V     (PGY5)          Rs 42,000


Earned Leave – 23 working days per annum
Sick Leave – 15 calendar days per annum
Maternity Leave – 12 consecutive weeks

Out-Patient Medical Expenses
Annual maximum reimbursement limit is Rs 37,000. Of this, Rs 18,500 will be reimbursed for expenses incurred at AKUH, Stadium Road Campus or Secondary Healthcare Hospitals. The reimbursement of out-patient medical expenses incurred at institutions outside AKUH will be allowed up to a maximum of Rs 18,500.

In-Patient Medical Expenses
The organisation will bear 85 per cent of the admissible hospitalisation expenses. The balance of 15 per cent of the expenses will be borne by the employee and should be settled before the patient is discharged. However, if an employee is unable to pay the required expenses immediately, he/she can request for this amount to be deducted from the salary in a maximum of 12 equal instalments.

The above hospitalisation benefit is applicable at AKUH Stadium Road Campus or Secondary Healthcare Hospitals and the room entitlement for the employee and his/her dependents will be for General Ward.

Assistance for Diagnostic Tests & Procedures Expense
All diagnostic tests and procedures which cost over Rs 5,000 will be treated as in-patient. Eighty five per cent of the cost will be borne by AKUH and 15 per cent will be charged to employee. All eligible employees and their dependents can avail this benefit. (Limits will apply: expenses pertaining to dental procedures, cosmetic treatment and executive medical check-ups will not be admissible under this category).

Group Insurance
Residents are covered under the group life insurance for Rs 940,000 and personal accident insurance for Rs 940,000.


All postgraduate trainees are provided accommodation only during on-call duties.

Limited living accommodation facility is available for male and female postgraduate trainees on first-come-first served basis. AKU does not take responsibility of providing accommodation to all candidates. Trainees from outside Karachi are provided a living out allowance of Rs 7,500 per month.



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