Paediatric Surgery

​​Paediatric Surgery


The Residency programme in Paediatric Surgery was initiated in November 2004.  The CPSP recognises the programme for FCPS (Paediatric Surgery) Examination. 


The programme in Paediatric Surgery aims to produce compassionate, ethical, clinically competent, and skilled paediatric surgeons for Pakistan.  It is expected that graduates of this programme will serve as advocates for children, will help to improve paediatric health care and provide academic leadership in the specialty.

Duration of training 

The programme offers training in the principles and practice of Paediatric Surgery over a period of four years.  The primary institution for training purposes is AKUH.  However, an external rotation of two/three months through other national hospitals with mutual understanding  is included to diversify the resident's experience. 


  • MBBS or equivalent degree approved by PM&DC
  • FCPS Part I
  • A minimum two years of training in General Surgery in an accredited programme.  Candidate must have completed the CPSP requirements for the intermediate module examination

The positions are advertised nationally and the Paediatric Surgery Programme Committee and relevant AKU faculty interview short listed candidates. 

References are obtained via confidential telephone calls and letters from those considered knowledgeable about the candidate. 

Scope and content 

Clinical teaching 
The programme employs adult teaching practices as well as clinical and operative experience under appropriate supervision, to assist the resident in acquiring the requisite knowledge, skills, and judgment to manage common paediatric surgical conditions in infants and children.  Over the years, he/she will be given increasing responsibilities under appropriate supervision, in all aspects of the management of neonates, infants, and children with surgical conditions.  S/he will be encouraged to develop a habit of inquiry and self-learning. 

The resident will organise the care of Paediatric Surgery patients with the consultants and will participate in the education and training of general surgery and paediatric residents, interns, and medical students rotating through the section.  Residents are exposed to a broad array of surgical cases and work closely with residents in paediatric medicine in the care of sick children.  The residents perform a large number of operations of all types, reflecting both the educational depth of the programme and the level of community service provided by the program.  The programme strives to graduate residents who excel as practitioners of paediatric surgery and become top leaders in the field, whether in academics or the private sector. 

The resident will be provided when appropriate protected half-day each week for scholarly activities.  S/he will be expected to make presentations at national meetings, surgical grand rounds, journal club and initiate clinical studies, leading to publications in index journals.  The resident will be encouraged to pass the FCPS Part II (Paediatric Surgery) during the last year of training. 


The resident's progress in knowledge, clinical, and operative skills and ethical management of patients is evaluated on a continuous basis by the faculty involved in the training.  Formal evaluation of the resident's progress is undertaken every three months at general meeting of the Paediatric Surgery faculty.  The resident is debriefed following each session by the coordinator of the programme. 

Competence in Paediatric Surgery is judged every year via written, oral, and clinical examinations.  An external examiner may be invited to participate in the final assessment. 

Positions available 

One or two resident(s) are appointed every year.

Administrative set-up 

The Paediatric Surgery faculty includes two Associate Professors, one Assistant Professor and two part-time Lecturers, all of whom are directly involved in the training of the residents.  The programme is directed by Dr Zafar Nazir.

Full-time Faculty 

Associate Professors  

Dr Muhammad Arif Mateen Khan
MBBS (DUHS, Karachi) FRCS (Glasgow) FRCS (Paeds. Surg)
Associate Professor  & Section Head, Paediatric Surgery

Dr Zafar Nazir
MBBS (Punjab) FRCS (Edinburgh & Glasgow) FCPS (Pakistan), FACS (USA)
Associate Professor &  Director, Paediatric Surgery Residency Programme  

Assistant Professor 

Dr Saqib Hamid Qazi
MBBS (Larkana) MCPS, FCPS (Pakistan)
Fellowship, Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery (Beijing, China)
Assistant Professor & Co-ordinator, Paediatric Surgery Residency Programme

Part-time Faculty 

Dr Shabbir Hussain
MBBS (Karachi) FRCS (Edinburgh)
Senior Lecturer

Dr Muhammad Arshad
MBBS (Punjab) FRCS (Glasgow & Edinburgh)​​


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