The residency training programme in neurosurgery was initiated in November 1999. It is recognised by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan (CPSP), for FCPS training and since its inception six of our residents have passed the neurosurgery fellowship examination of the CPSP. 


The programme aims to train neurosurgeons in all aspects of neurosurgery to the highest international standards. 

Duration of training 

We offer a well-structured training programme of four years duration that is monitored at several levels. 


  • MBBS or equivalent degree approved by the PM&DC
  • One year internship with six months in Surgery and allied (preferably General Surgery) and six months in Medicine and allied disciplines
  • FCPS Part I
  • Two years of training in surgical disciplines, as required by CPSP (those who do not possess this training may be posted in AKU surgical rotation for two years before joining Neurosurgery)

Scope and content 

Clinical training 

There is supervised training in all areas of Neurosurgery. These include areas of neurovascular, spinal, paediatric, skull-base and neuro-oncology. In addition, the trainees deal with all neurosurgical emergencies including trauma, hydrocephalus and infections on a daily basis. 

They are expected to become safe and competent practitioners in dealing with emergency situations in their first year and thereafter increase and expand their clinical skills. 

The trainees get regular teaching in neuroradiology, neuropathology, neuro-opthalmology, neuroendocrinology and neurology. 

Throughout the training, the stress is on developing critical thinking and evidence-based practice. 

Incorporated in the programme is extramural training periods in Pakistan. Suitable residents could be sent abroad for sub-specialty training. 

Educational content 

The weekly conference schedule is as follows

  • Monday: (am) Surgical anatomy presentation by residents
  • Tuesday: (am) Neurosurgical topic presentation and tutorials
  • Wednesday: (am) Surgical grand round; pm Neuroradiology conference
  • Thursday: (am) Combined neurology, neuro- surgical case presentations, followed by neurosurgical grand round; pm Journal club, neuropathology meeting
  • Friday: (am) Neurosurgical teaching by the faculty
  • Saturday: (am) Morbidity and mortality meeting, monthly 
    In addition, there is a teaching ward round nearly everyday by the faculty.


Written examination are conducted every three months; six monthly individual interviews are held to get feedback from residents and to give them the evaluation of their performance by the faculty. 


There is a major emphasis on the trainees to do research in basic and clinical neurosciences. The residents are encouraged to do research on various topics under supervision of a faculty. Research projects are also carried out with other specialties. 

On-call duties 

The residents work on a one-in-four rota i.e. one night in four being spent on the premises. The weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are similarly worked. 

Positions available 

One resident is accepted every year. 

Administrative set-up 

AKUH, Karachi is the only JCIA certified hospital in Pakistan.  European-trained,  US-trained and Pakistan-trained neurosurgeons deliver service and education. The department comprises of six consultants - one professor,three assistant professors working full time, one geographical full timer and one part time consultant. We also have one position of an instructor for one year duration usually the graduating chief resident gets this position to groom his surgical skills further in neurosurgical subspecialties. 

This faculty, in combination with the strict quality control in AKUH, Karachi and a solid infrastructure of hospital-based practice, has raised the standard of neurosurgical practice and education. 

Future plans 

An expansion of clinical services to include stereo-tactic and functional neurosurgery and neuro-endoscopy is planned. 

In addition, it is expected that the department will develop two fellowship programmes in two of the neurosurgical subspecialties soon. 

Recently steps have been taken to expand and strengthen the research capacity of the department so as to make it a major Neurosurgical Research Centre. 

Full-time Faculty 


Dr Syed Ather Enam 
MBBS Karachi; PhD US; FRCS Ireland; FRCS Canada; FACS USA
Diplomate American Board of Surgery 

Assistant Professors 

Dr Ehsan Bari 
MBBS Punjab; FRCS Ireland 
Section Head

Dr Gohar Javed 
MBBS Karachi; FCPS Pakistan
Programme Director

Dr Shehzad Shamim
MBBS Karachi, FCPS Pakistan, MCPS Pakistan
Programme Coordinator

Dr Aneela Darbar
MBBS Karachi, Diplomate American Board of Neurosurgery 


Dr Rajesh Kumar Jesrani
MBBS Sindh, FCPS Pakistan

Dr. Mohsin Qadeer
MBBS Karachi 

Geographical Full Timer

Dr Rashid Jooma 
MBBS Karachi; FRCS England; FRCS Edinburgh

Part-time Faculty 


Dr Ahmed Ali Shah 
MBBS Karachi; FRCS Edinburgh  

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