Postgraduate Medical Education

Postgraduate Medical Education


The Postgraduate Medical Education programme at Aga Khan University will provide excellence and innovation in specialized postgraduate medical education to promote evidence-based health care and research abiding by the principles of ethics and professionalism
  • Develop and sustain high impact curricular innovations
  • Promote holistic patient and population-centered health care of highest standards
  • Ensure professional, ethical and moral development at all levels
  • Strengthen and foster a culture of research and spirit of inquiry amongst postgraduate trainees
  • Monitor and enhance the quality of educational programmes on a regular basis

The first postgraduate clinical training programmes, were launched following the inauguration of Aga Khan University Hospital in 1985.
Since critical thinking and analysis are the keystone of scientific thought and the prerequisite for meaningful scholarship and research, it is essential for any educational programme to encompass aspects such as biomedical ethics, teaching skills, research methodology as well as communication skills.
 Postgraduate medical education at AKU strives to instil these qualities into its graduates through carefully structured programmes, to produce skilled technologists and facilitate a process of broad professional and personal development. Trainees represent the University in their interactions with patients and colleagues, and are expected to carry their duties and activities in a manner befitting their responsibilities.

PGME trainees are also involved in research activities which provides for an opportunity to promote research culture. They are encouraged to write research proposals and limited financial support is provided for carrying out research projects.  Trainees are also provided financial support to present their research work at national and international conferences, including the annual PGME Conference.

AKU offers the following programmes as part of its PGME portfolio:

Internship Programme

The one-year Internship programme is offered to fresh medical graduates and is recognised by the CPSP, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) as well as all universities in USA and UK (after internal verification).
Residency Programmes

Currently there are 33 Residency programmes leading to first fellowship from the College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS) accredited by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP). The duration of training for each programme varies from 3-5 years. ​​

Fellowship Programmes

Building on the strengths of the residency programmes, Fellowship programmes provide training using rigorous standards similar to those used in the residency programmes. In many instances these programmes are the only training programmes of their kind in Pakistan – providing training to the highest level in each sub-specialty. Currently, 27 fellowship programmes are offered, many of which are recognised by College of Physicians and Surgeons as second fellowship programmes. 

 Elective rotations are also offered for a duration of four to eight weeks to national and international, senior-level PGME trainees of other medical institutions. 


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