Paediatric Neurology

​​Paediatric Neurology 

The Paediatric neurology fellowship programme was initiated in 2008.  Although a relatively new programme, this is the first one of its kind .In a country of a total population of 160 million there is a great dearth of trained paediatric neurologist.  This programme will help in developing a training model for other centres and also be able to be the centre of learning and excellence in paediatric neurology.  Paediatric Neurology is a highly specialised subspecialty of Paediatrics.  The importance emerges from the high incidence of neurological disorders including cerebral palsy, epilepsy along with  neuro-metabolic and genetic disorders in children.  Its importance at the present time is also because of the paucity of Paediatric neurologists in the country.  The growing clinical need for this intensive field has led to the establishment of a fellowship program in Paediatric neurology.  The primary goal of the program is to prepare individuals for a career in academic Paediatric neurology.  Individuals chosen for the program will pursue creative, scholarly endeavors to advance the science and practice of Paediatric neurology.

Aims of the training programme

  1. To prepare the physician for independently practicing clinical child neurology.  This training will be based on supervised clinical work with increasing responsibility for both outpatients and in patients.  It will have a foundation for organised instruction in basic sciences and neurophysiology.
  2. To support the resident/ fellow in doing clinical research.
  3. To teach the principals of bioethics in provision of effective and cost effective management and treatment of children with neurological disorders.

General Objectives

Individuals must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to gender, culture and ethnicity pertinent to neurology.  In addition, all fellows must demonstrate an ability to incorporate gender, cultural and ethnic perspectives in research methodology, data presentation and analysis. 

On completion of the educational program, the graduate physician will be competent to function as a consultant Paediatric neurologist.  This requires the physician to: 

  1. Provide scientifically based, comprehensive and effective diagnosis and management for patients with neurologic disorders. 
  2. Communicate effectively with patients, their families and medical colleagues (particularly referring physicians), and other health care professionals. 
  3. Counsel patients and others on aspects of prevention of neurological disorders, including risk factors, and genetic and environmental concerns. 
  4. Maintain complete and accurate medical records. 
  5. Effectively coordinate the work of the health care team. 
  6. Be an effective teacher of other physicians (including medical students and house officers), other health care personnel and patients. 
  7. Be proficient in professional and technical skills related to the specialty. 
  8. Demonstrate personal and professional attitudes consistent with a consultant physician role. 
  9. Be willing and able to appraise accurately his or her own professional performance. 
  10. Be willing and able to keep his or her practice current through reading and other modes of continuing medical education. 
  11. Be able to critically assess the neurological literature as it relates to patient diagnosis, investigation and management. 
  12. Be able to participate in clinical or basic science studies as a member of a research team. 

Duration of training

This is a 3 year training program. 

Training format: 
The objectives of the training programme will be achieved through different modes, some of which are described below: 

  • Clinical rotations 
  • Didactic lectures and courses 
  • Journal club and grand rounds  
  • Seminars and symposia 
  • Research studies 


  • MBBS or equivalent degree approved by PM&DC.
  • One year of house job or internship.
  • Four years Paediatrics training/residency.
  • FCPS (Paediatrics). ( Preferred )

Administrative Set up 

Dr. Shahnaz Ibrahim
Director of Paediatric Neurology Fellowship.
Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health​

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