Paediatric Critical Care Medicine

​​​Paediatric Critical Care Medicine


Paediatric Critical Care Medicine (PCCM) is a discipline of Paediatrics. It is well established in the developed countries for the last three decades. Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is a separate physical facility or unit specifically designated for care of critically ill or injured paediatric patients. The physician who trained in PCCM and practicing in PICU is called Paediatric Intensivist.  Like other subspecialties of medicine, the fellowship in PCCM exists in the western and developed countries for wider availability of paediatric Intensivist for the care of critically ill or injured children.  

The number of PICU beds in hospital has increased for the care of critically ill or injured children in last few years.

PCCM is a relatively new sub-specialty of paediatrics in the developing countries like Pakistan. There is a great need to train young paediatricians in the PCCM to improve the outcome of critically ill or injured children of this country. Forty per cent of population is under 18 of this country according to a recent census.

Training Structure & Organisation:

The paediatric critical care medicine fellowship programme at Aga Khan University Hospital began in 2010.  It is designed to educate individuals interested in pursuing an academic career in paediatric critical care medicine. This PICU is a six- bed multidisciplinary-cardiothoracic unit with approximately 600 admissions per year, serving infants and children with critical medical and surgical illness. Clinical activities outside of the PICU include providing rapid response team services and paediatric procedural sedation and analgesia. A comprehensive curriculum of paediatric critical care training is delivered in an academic environment over two-years and encompasses 18-months of clinical service (85 per cent of training-time) and 15 per cent  of time for clinical research training.


The objective of this fellowship training programme is to prepare young paediatricians for a career in Paediatric Critical Care Medicine as an excellent clinician, competent teacher and an academic paediatric intensivist. 


 Four-year training in Paediatrics (Post-FCPS training in Paediatrics) 


Dr Anwarul Haque
Associate Professor,
Director, PCCM Fellowship
Aga Khan University

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