Fellowship Interventional Cardiology

​​Interventional Cardiology

The Interventional Cardiology Fellowship programme was initiated in November 2005.


The main objective is to produce skilled and academic interventional cardiologists, who at the end of the training would:

  • Be competent in taking care of patients requiring interventional procedures;
  • Understand and perform high quality interventional procedures;
  • Understand basic sciences relating to cardiovascular diseases, principles of radiation, interventional techniques and equipments;
  • Perform clinical trials and research in this highly specialised field of cardiology;
  • Impart training in diagnostic catheterisation and angiography to cardiology residents/fellows;
  • Develop interest in a particular area of interventional cardiology;
  • Provide high quality, ethical clinical service to the community;
  • Be able to manage cardiac catheterisation laboratory in an institution.

Duration of training

Training period is two years.


  • MBBS degree approved by PM&DC
  • One year internship with six months in Medicine and allied and six months in Surgery and allied disciplines
  • FCPS Part I in Medicine
  • FCPS Part II in Cardiology or equivalent
  • Minimum of three years of residency/ fellowship training in Cardiology
  • Satisfactory completion of training in clinical cardiology
  • Demonstrated competence in taking care of critically ill cardiac patients
  • Certified in Cardiovascular diseases
  • Competency in performing diagnostic coronary angiographies and cardiac catheterisations
  • Must be registered with PM&DC to practice cardiology

Scope and content

Clinical training

During training the Fellow must:

  • Participate in the planning of the procedure including pre-procedure evaluation
  • Understand the selection of appropriate procedure and instruments
  • Perform critical technical manipulations during the procedure
  • Be actively involved in the post procedural management of the case
  • Perform at least 250 therapeutic interventional cardiac procedures by the end of the training period
  • Be supervised by the faculty member responsible for the case
  • Be available and involved in emergency cases
  • Complete three months of electives at another institution
  • Spend one month in interventional radiology
  • Maintain a procedure log


The interventional fellow is required to be actively involved in the sectional research activities.  During the two years of training the fellow should have:

  • Completed three research projects submitted in manuscript form to the programme director;
  • Presented original research in national or international meeting;
  • Initiated or facilitated clinical trial pertaining to interventional cardiology.


The trainee would be expected to participate in weekly interventional cardiology conference which would include:

Selection and presentations of cases;

Present related recent and updated literature;

Moderate discussion;

Attend an international interventional cardiology conference outside the country during the two-year period;

Teach basics of cardiac catheterisations, angiography and interventions to rotating medicine and cardiology residents.

Positions available

One Fellow will be recruited for two years.

Administrative set-up

The Cardiology section is an independent functioning unit within the Department of Medicine. It has 9 full-time faculty and 7 non full-time faculty members. Dr Javed Tai, Assistant Professor is the Programme Director and Director Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory.  A three-member fellowship committee will look after the affairs of the fellowship programme.

Full-time Faculty


Dr Mohammad Ataullah Khan

Associate Professors

Dr Khawar Abbas Kazmi
MBBS Punjab; FCPS Pakistan, Head of Section – Cardiology

Assistant Professors

Dr Javed Majid Tai
MBBS Karachi ; FCPS (Medicine and Cardiology) Pakistan
Diplomate American Board of Echocardiography
Programme Director & Director Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory

Dr Aamir Hameed Khan
MBBS Punjab; FCPS (Internal Medicine and Cardiology) Pakistan, FACC,
Consultant Cardiologist Heart Rhythm Service

Dr Fatehali Tipoo Sultan
MBBS Karachi ; FCPS (Internal Medicine and Cardiology) Pakistan ;
Diplomate Certification Board of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography
Diplomate American Board of Echocardiography

Dr Nasir Rahman
MBBS Punjab, FCPS (Internal Medicine and Cardiology) Pakistan, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Senior Instructors

Dr Fariha Sadiq
MBBS Karachi, FCPS (Cardiology) Pakistan, MRCP UK

Dr Sadia Arshad
MBBS Karachi, FCPS (Internal Medicine), MRCP UK

Dr Hafeez Ahmed
MBBS Karachi, FCPS (Internal Medicine and Cardiology) Pakistan, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Part-time Faculty

Dr Sajid Dhakam
Diplomate American Boards of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases and Interventional Cardiology

Dr Abdus Samad
MBBS Punjab
Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine and Internal Medicine (Cr)

Dr Asad Pathan
Diplomate American Boards of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases and Interventional Cardiology

Dr Mohammad Sharif
MBBS Karachi ; FRCP Edinburgh and Glasgow; FCPS Pakistan

Dr Abu Bakr Shaikh
MBBS Karachi
Diplomate American Boards of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases

Dr Nageeb Basir
MBBS Peshawar ; FRCP Ireland; Diploma in Cardiology, London

Dr Mohammad Ishaq
MBBS Peshawar, FRCP Glasgow, MRCP UK,

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