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Critical Care Medicine

The Intensive care medicine Fellowship training programme was started in November 2004.  The fellowship was designed as a joint programme between the Departments of Medicine and Anaesthesiology.  The current Programme Director, Professor Fazal Hameed Khan is a full time faculty in the department of Anaesthesiology.  Other anaesthesia faculty members include, Dr Hameedulah, Professor Qamarul Hoda, Dr Madiha Hashmi, Dr Faisal Shamim, and Dr Ali Asghar.  5 Medicine faculty members (Drs. J. Husain, A. Zubairi, W. Kashif , H. Majid & M. Murtaza) form a group of  Intensivists responsible for the medical intensive care unit.  The existing fellowship was designed to induct a single trainee per year (of a 2 year program) to rotate through Anaesthesia, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Nephrology ( total 6 months) and 18 months of Critical care ( Medical, Surgical and Cardiothoracic ICU), including elective rotations.  The CPSP has formally recognised this fellowship programme and has a certification exam for an FCPS in Critical Care.  Since its inception, 2 trainees have already graduated from our program.


The objective is to produce knowledgeable, clinically competent and skillful specialists who will provide ethical and compassionate care to critically ill patients.  At the completion of training, they will be able to evaluate and manage most critically ill patients.  They will be experienced in history taking, physical examination and interpretation of laboratory and radiological data.  The Fellow will also be able to liaison with other specialties as required in the management of patients.  They will also be involved in teaching and training junior trainees and will be actively involved in research.

Duration of training

Intensive Care Medicine fellowship programme extends over a two-year period.  Training will involve rotation to other relevant specialties (internal medicine, emergency medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, etc) and also an external rotation will be encouraged to broaden the experience.


  • MBBS or equivalent degree recognised by PM&DC
  • One year internship with six months each in medicine, surgery or anaesthesia
  • Completion of structured training in anaesthesia, medicine, surgery, nephrology or pulmonology in a reputable programme
  • FCPS I or equivalent postgraduate qualification in anaesthesia

Scope and Content

Skills and Clinical Training

The programme will incorporate the clinical and practical approaches in the evaluation of critically ill patients.  They will be trained to manage these patients under supervision.  They will acquire knowledge and skill for the management of airways and provision of mechanical ventilation, both invasive and non-invasive.  Fellows should be able to perform invasive monitoring procedures, for example arterial lines, central venous lines and pulmonary artery catheters and would also be able to interpret the data.  They will be trained to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as fiberoptic bronchoscopy and chest tube insertions.  They will also be required to supervise junior trainees in the Intensive Care Unit.

Didactic Content

The didactic component will involve formal lectures on various topics, tutorials and emphasis will also be laid upon bedside teaching.  The fellow will also be required to actively participate in clinical rounds, case presentations, journal club and morbidity and mortality meetings.  They will also be provided protected time devoted for self study.


Fellows will be expected to acquire the basic principles of research and biostatistics.  They will initiate and complete at least one clinical trial and one audit, under supervision, during their fellowship and will also participate in the ongoing research activities in the unit.


As the fellow will be working under direct supervision of faculty, this will form the basis for continuous evaluation.  They will also undergo a six-monthly formal evaluation which will include written as well as oral assessments.  Feedback will be given by the Programme Director on a six-monthly basis and more frequently if necessary.  Counseling will be provided, if the required standards are not met.  Consistent inability to maintain adequate standard would lead to termination of employment.

Positions available

One Fellow /year will be inducted in the programme

Administrative Structure

The Fellowship programme committee consists of the following faculty members

Prof. Fazal Hameed Khan - Professor

Dr. Javed Husain – Associate Professor

Dr. Murtaza Kazmi - Senior instructor

Dr. Madiha Hashmi - Lecturer

Teaching Faculty


Professor Fazal H. Khan
FCPS Anaesthesia; EDICM

Professor Qamarul Hoda

Associate Professors

Dr Hameedullah
FCPS Anaesthesia

Dr Javed Hussain
American Boards of Internal Medicine,
Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care Medicine

Dr Ali Bin Sarwar Zubairi
American Boards of Internal Medicine,
Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care Medicine

Dr Saulat Fatimi
American Boards of General Surgery &
Cardiothoracic Surgery

Assistant Professor

Dr Anwar-ul-Haq
American Board of Paediatrics &
Paediatric Critical Care

Dr Waqar Kashif
American Boards of Internal Medicine & Nephrology
Critical Care Fellowship

Senior Instructor

Dr Murtaza Kazmi
American Boards of Internal Medicine,
Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care Medicine


Dr Madiha Hashmi
FFARCSI; Fellowship ICM

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