Associate Dean Message

Message from the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education

Internship, residency and fellowship are exciting times in your carrier. Here you get opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills that you acquired in the medical college. Choosing place where you will learn and refine your fundamentals is very crucial.  Effort, time and dedication that are spent during these foundation years will make you a competent specialist. There are no short cuts and you have to choose an institution that not only teaches you to become a competent physician but also inculcates qualities like, professionalism, develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills, teach you how to be being evidence and practice based learner and gives you an idea about health promotion & prevention of diseases in your society. That is why the education process at AKU goes far beyond the traditional acquisition of medical knowledge and procedural skills. Critical thinking and analysis is the keystone of scientific thought, and the most basic prerequisite of meaningful scholarship and research.  PGME strives to instill these qualities into its graduates through carefully structured programmes.  The objective is not to produce a skilled technologist but to facilitate a process of broad professional and personal development.

PGME programmes at AKU are rigorous and trainees are pushed to the limits of their potential. This can sometimes cause stress to the learner.  We have all faced; long hours, illness, sleep deprivation, exam stress, career uncertainty, reduced contact and support from family, friends, and partners, worries about patients, issues related to job search and beyond. Your programme coordinators, programme directors and the PGME office is there help and support you. Our office will make sure that your training remains at par with the world standards without causing you excessive stress.

I welcome you to learn more about the clinical residency and fellowship programmes at AKU and to apply for a position in one of our programmes. I wish you best of luck and hope that this exciting period of your life gives you the best opportunities in your future endeavors! 

Dr Mughis Sheerani
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
April 2012