Academic Activities

​Academic Activities

The PGME EC has developed a course of lectures and tutorials for all the residents in the first two years of training (R1, R2.) Attendance at these core lectures is mandatory for Year 1 and 2 residents and all programmes are required to release these residents for this purpose. The lectures are delivered by faculty with relevant expertise and are spread over two years.

The core lectures aim to introduce the residents to aspects of medical care essential to the practice of all specialties. The topics range from safe blood transfusion practices to fluid and electrolyte balance and pain relief and also cover areas such as bioethics and professionalism.

Expanding on the core lectures the PGME EC has designed a series of eight modules for all residents from Year 1 to 4.  Each module consists of five or six workshops on each theme, spread over four years. Some of the themes are Evidence Based Medicine, E-learning, and Research. In a year the module will take up to 20 hours of work. Again protected time is made available for residents to take part in these mandatory workshops.​