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19th PGME Conference - Enhancing Academic Standards for Quality Care

Karachi, Pakistan

May 30- 31, 2014


The Aga Khan University Postgraduate Medical Education annual conference is the only conference in the country specially organized for postgraduate trainees. Since its inception in 1996, the primary objective of the conference has been to increase awareness about the recent happenings in the field of medicine and to promote professionalism.

Each year, recognized national and international experts and leaders in postgraduate medical education are invited to discuss and highlight new ideas, trends and other relevant topics in this field. Conference themes in recent years have included:

  • Complexity science and health care
  • Service and scholarship
  • Achieving a balance in postgraduate medical education
  • Building bridges: strengthening postgraduate medical education through cooperation
  • Nurturing professionalism in medicine
  • Improving quality in PGME
  • Understanding programme assessment 
  • Evaluation and safety in postgraduate medical education: challenges in training and patient care
  • Moving towards competency-based academic practice
  • Social Accountability in health professions education

The Conference is also the ideal forum for trainees to present their research work.

This year the theme for the conference is Enhancing Academic Standards for Quality Care.

The theme embraces in the direction to promote the highest scientific and ethical standards in medical education, initiating new learning methods, new instructional tools, and innovative management of medical education.  In addition, it undertakes the dynamics of postgraduate medical training and initiates procedures for regular review, updating of the structure, function and quality of the training programmes.

The above theme has been chosen for the PGME Conference 2014 to help trainees, trainers and institutions providing health care establish a mechanism for evaluation of the training programme that monitors the training process, facilities and progress of the trainee, and ensures that concerns are identified and addressed.​


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