PhD in Health Sciences

PhD in Health Sciences

The Aga Khan University introduced its PhD programme in Health Sciences in October 1999. Course work and research are integral parts of the four-year programme which offers advanced courses and research not only in the basic medical sciences, but also in cellular and molecular biology of cancer, infectious diseases, nutrition, drug discovery and natural products research, cardiovascular disorders, metabolic diseases, neurosciences and molecular genetics. 

A major part of the course work is scheduled during the first 9 months of the programme, while the following years are mainly for research, thesis writing and taking advanced level courses. In addition to lectures, tutorials and laboratory exercises, students are trained in protocol writing, paper presentation, data collection and finally conducting a research study in which faculty provide the necessary support and guidance as advisors. ​

Who is the programme for?

Professionals and basic scientists who have research interests in disease aetiology and in the management of health care delivery systems respectively, pertinent to Pakistan and the developing countries.​


The programme aims to develop innovative researchers, scholars and educators capable of becoming leaders in their fields. On completing the programme, graduates will possess:

  • solid academic competence obtained from in-depth course work
  • state-of-the-art experimental skills developed as a result of varied research experiences
  • deductive and analytical skills evidenced by design, production and defence of a qualitative and quantitative thesis
  • strong potential for leadership in academia, government or industry​