Advanced Diploma in Human Development

Advanced Diploma in Human Development (Early Child Development)

The Advanced Diploma is an in-service, multi-disciplinary, postgraduate programme. It is designed to prepare professionals engaged in health, education and social developm​​​ent sectors for the development of ECD strategies through a critical examination of current knowledge and practices.

Learning Objectives

  • To apply the understanding that early experiences, determined by the social context, give shape to the brain and biological development, and set life long trajectories for learning, behaviour and health.
  • To plan for sustainable, community-based integrated ECD services that can make a difference in the survival, growth and development prospects of children, create equitable opportunities for women, contribute to community mobilisation and social change and improve the human capital of the population.
  • To work in a team and collaborate with professionals in several disciplines, donors and organisations   in promoting effective ECD services that are grounded in community realities.
  • To demonstrate how ECD programmes can promote the human rights of all children.
  • To develop self-awareness of personal values, critical thinking skills and the ability to reflect on and analyse immediate environments within a larger societal context.

Selection Criteria

  • Four-year bachelor’s undergraduate degree or two years bachelor’s degree with at least two years of experience in related field( e.g. child care, health, psychology, social development , education)
  • Competence in verbal and written comprehension and expression in the English Language.
  • Statement of Interest outlining the reason for acquiring the Advanced Diploma in ECD and description of your current activities related to Early Child Development.
  • Employer’s endorsement and Support for in service education and attendance at seminars held at AKU.
  • Sufficient funds for tuition, travel to AKU and subsistence.

Modes of Study

Each course extends over approximately five to six months and requires the following modes of study:

  • Self-study (six weeks)
  • Face-to-face seminar at AKU in Karachi (two weeks)
  • Early Child Development project (twelve weeks)

The Self Study component is facilitated by a Virtual Learning Environment that allows an interactive process.

Advanced Diploma comprises of following three courses

Course I:  From Early Child Development to Human Development: Integrating Perspectives

For more details about the course, please download the Course Brochure, Application Form and Sample Test Paper.

Course II: Early Child Development Practice, Programmes and Policies

Course III​: An Introduction to Research in Early Child Development: Methodology, Analysis and Reporting

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