Year 5 Clerkship

Year 5 Clerkship Programme

Student’s educational experience during the surgical clerkship will be unique. You will be expected to learn technical skills and to develop an understanding of surgical concepts. This clerkship is also unique in that the majority of learning is interactive and occurs in a variety of clinical settings rather than during conferences. During the clerkship there will be emphasis on the etiology, pathophysiology, clinical evaluation, and management of surgical problems commonly encountered in general practice.  This strategy will serve to develop a surgical knowledge base for those seeking careers in general or subspecialty surgery.  In addition, it is a goal of the Department of Surgery to develop a friendly, professional, and non-threatening learning environments.

The Surgery Clerkship extends over a period of twelve weeks. Each student will rotate for three weeks each on the Urology and Pediatric Surgery services. The remaining six weeks will be divided between two different General Surgery services. This will allow a broad based exposure to the various disciplines within surgery.

The Year 5 Clerkship in General Surgery is essentially a continuation of previous experience obtained during Year 3 Clerkship. It is expected that in the previous experience, you would have acquired proficiency in history taking and physical examination.

The goal of this rotation is for you to develop management skills and perform as a sub-intern. This would require regular attendance in the clinics and follow-up of patients admitted on the ward, either as an emergency or elective admission (including on-call and post-call on Saturdays). Students during this rotation would be expected to remain on-call as and when the team is on-call. End of rotation evaluation will be based on attributes of professionalism, acquisition and application of knowledge, and acquiring the necessary procedural skills.

The Urology rotation is a 3-week rotation. The urology clerkship should enable you to handle common urological problems presenting to the primary health physician. It should also help you to decide whether you are interested in a career in urology and the best way to prepare to attain that goal. The students are expected to function as a team member and the section is geared towards providing an environment to achieve this aim. A close interaction with the faculty and the resident staff will help enhance the learning experience of this short rotation.

The Pediatric rotation is also a three week rotation which aims to familiarize you with pediatric surgical conditions that one would expect to encounter in a general surgery practice in a community setup.

During the course of the clerkship, arrangements have been made for you to participate in clinics at the off-campus sites to broaden your experience. In addition you will also attend mandatory specialty clinics dealing with Breast and Vascular diseases.

Surgical Clerkships – Academic Leadership

Dr Asad Jamil Raja
The Quaid-e- Azam Professor & Chariman
Department of Surgery
(General Surgery)

Dr Amanullah Memon
The Akbarali Hashwani & Family Professor
Undergraduate Education Coordinator
Department of Surgery

Dr Shaista Khan
Abdulain D. Charolia
Professor & Section Head of Breast Diseases & Sitara-e-Imtiaz
Year 5 Chair & Undergraduate Education Coordinator
(General Surgery-III)

Dr Arif Mateen
Associate Professor & Year V Clerkship Coordinator
(Paeds Surgery)

Dr Iram Naz
Assistant Professor & Year V Clerkship Co-Coordinator
(General Surgery – III)

Dr Shazia Sadaf
Senior Instructor & Education Coordinator