Year 3 Clerkship

Year 3 Clerkship Programme

The clinical component of undergraduate medical education begins in year III with the clerkship, a clerkship brings the student into personal contact with patients, under the supervision of a faculty member. It entails clinical experiential learning with involvement of the students for full working hours with specific teams of doctors for the duration of the clerkship, including on-call duty during nights and weekends as appropriate.

Students are assigned to various surgical services (or, "rotations"), and interact very closely with surgical residents and faculty in all activities on that particular service (i.e., ward rounds, operating rooms, clinics, teaching conferences, etc.) During this time, students improve in their ability to take history and perform physical examination, write progress notes, understand principles of pre- and post-operative care, and familiarize themselves with common surgical procedures.

Department of Surgery offers clerkship to medical students during their 3rd year in the following sections:

  • Year 3 Clerkship in General Surgery
  • Year 3 Clerkship in Ophthalmology
  • Year 3 Clerkship in Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Year 3 Clerkship in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery