Family Medicine

Family Medicine

The practice of Family Medicine is viewed as central to an effective and efficient delivery of health care in developed countries, and it is slowly gaining strength in developing countries as well.

Family Medicine at Aga Khan University was a part of the Community Health Sciences Department since its inception. However, in response to the continuing expansion of on and off campus services; increasing responsibility of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education; and an ever rising number of faculty and other family practitioners employed by the division within CHS, Family Medicine, a division, was raised to the status of an independent department. The proposal for the Department of Family Medicine was approved and became effective on January 1, 2003, with Dr Riaz Qureishi as the Chair.

In Pakistan, AKU is the pioneer institution in establishing the first three-year structured training programme in Family Medicine with the result that well trained Family Medicine consultants are now available for providing caring, cost-effective and high quality curative, preventive and rehabilitative services along with promotion of health in a primary care setting.

The core values of the Department are:

  • Practice Family Medicine with focus on the needs of our patients;
  • Educate AKU medical students and trainee Family Physicians with focus on developing caring and competent physicians, providing effective and efficient care;
  • Conduct community and hospital-based research programmes to improve patient care and to benefit society;
  • Continuously improve all processes needed for patient care, education and research;
  • Foster compassionate teamwork with personal responsibility, honesty, integrity and trust.

The new department with its expanding activities will be better placed to create and promote professional opportunities for AKU medical college and family medicine residency graduates.