Academic Programmes

Academic Programmes

Aga Khan University Medical College has the distinction of being the first institute in Pakistan to have included Family Medicine as a specialty at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Establishment of an independent department has further enhanced the standing of the University and it will help the policy makers in Pakistan realise the pivotal role of Family Medicine in the health care delivery system.

Undergraduate Study 

There would be expansion of undergraduate educational responsibilities, including active involvement in Problem and Evidence Based Learning with responsibility of teaching in all the three clinical years: 10 weeks in third year, four weeks in fourth year and 12 weeks in final year.

Residency Education 

A well-established residency programme is in place. In November 1993, a three-year residency programme was started with the induction of four residents per year. This programme has been extended to a four-year residency since November 2001 with the induction of five residents.


The Family Medicine department has a Research Committee which is an Advisory body assigned to promote research activities within the department. The Department conducts research activities at national, regional and international level and aspires to become a centre of excellence in the area of community based primary care research. During the last three years, the Department has significantly contributed and supported the research agenda of the University by publishing over 60 research papers in globally prestigious medical/scientific journals; a similar number of research presentations were made in international scientific conferences and meetings.

In future, the Department will work to develop research capacity of Family Physicians and Primary Care Physicians at institutional and national levels. It also intends to carry out more comprehensive and scientific research that could translate into improvements in physician practices and health policy.