Road Traffic Injuries Research Network


The Road traffic Injuries Research Network (RTIRN) is a partnership of over 200 individuals and institutions from over 40 countries that collaborate to further research on the impact and causes of Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs) in low and middle income countries and to identify appropriate interventions to the problem. 

The RTIRN envisions a reduction in the burden of road traffic injuries through promotion, conduct and utilisation of research in low and middle income countries. It aims to develop mechanisms to establish networking between RTI researchers and institutions globally, and to support research and research capacity in low and middle income countries.


The World Bank, Global Forum for Health Research and World Health Organization are the funding institutions for RTIRN.


The Secretariat for the RTIRN was moved to the Department of Emergency Medicine, Aga Khan University, in October 2007, with Dr Junaid Razzak appointed as the RTIRN Secretary. AKU was selected after a competitive process involving many leading Universities in low and middle income countries. Under the new Secretariat, there has been a significant increase in the number of partners and several projects of the Network, funded by the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, have been successfully launched.

The Secretariat performs the following functions for the Network:

  • Coordination of all projects that are launched by the Network;
  • Maintaining Network finances;
  • Reporting to the Network Board and the funding organisations;
  • Publishing material and maintaining the Network website and forum;
  • Coordinating internal Network meetings and workshops;
  • Acting as the hub for all Network activities and communications;

Secretariat staff includes:

  • Dr Junaid Razzak, Secretary
  • Dr Maria Ali, Administrator
  • Mr Salman Fahim, Administrative Assistant

For further information about the RTIRN, its current projects and the partnership process, please visit​.