Goal and Educational Strategies

Health Professions Education 


Department of Educational Development's (DED) goal is to initiate a Masters Programme in Health Professions Education (MHPE) to raise the standard of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing health professions education (medical, dental, nursing and allied health) in Pakistan and the region. It will also provide a platform for educators in the health professions to share experiences resulting in the development of collegiality, collaborations and linkages at national, regional and international levels.

Educational Strategies

The participants are actively involved in the learning experience through interactive plenaries, individual and group presentations and assignments and small group activities.


  • Faculty from Aga Khan University;
  • Department for Educational Development, AKU;
  • Institute for Educational Development, AKU;
  • Community Health Sciences Department;
  • School of Nursing, AKU. 

International Visiting Faculty

  • University of Illinois, Chicago; 
  • McMaster University, Canada.


Dr Misbah Mannan
Senior Assistant Manager, DED
Tel: 92 21 3493 0051 Ext. 2426
Email: misbah.mannan@aku.edu