Library of Images

Library of Images

The Library of Images (LoI) is Aga Khan University's (AKU) indigenous web-based repository of images contributed by the faculty members and initiated and assisted by the Department for Educational Development (DED). LoI images can be linked to the Problem-based Learning (PBL) cases if needed. LoI has more than 1500 images of microscopy slides, gross specimens and radiological images.

Students and faculty benefit from LoI educationally or in presentations. This facility is particularly useful to faculty and avoids the long hours spent in tracking appropriate images from various personal slide collections. It also allows resource sharing and avoids duplication of material development. This reduces the cost in the long run and allows a centralised mechanism of recording the rich clinical material and information coming to this tertiary care centre.

Individuals interested in contributing to this library can use the Upload Image option and follow the unfolding simple steps. Original video clips, clinical photographs, X-rays, operative findings, histological images can all be uploaded.

A help desk is available to help in the digitisation process and in taking digital photographs.

Contributors can also update their own contributions by using the Edit Attributes option. Images once contributed are initially stored in a Holding Bay and after validation by a team are uploaded on to the main site.

Help desk: 
Nurali Hirani & Rashid Raza
Tel: 92 21 3493 0051 Ext. 2419 / 4504
Email: /