AKUMed is a shorter version of WebCT-type home-grown web-based learning management system initiated by the Department for Educational Development (DED) with Aga Khan University (AKU) Information System Department. It is available to all medical students and medical college faculty through the Intranet and can also be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. It shows the overall goals and desired attributes for medical graduates, the academic calendars for all five years of the medical curriculum, each module course schedule and objectives, with timed Problem-based Learning (PBL) cases that go on the Net at specified times and are taken off at other specified times. Objectives for each lecture are placed on AKUMed well before the lecture (called the Large Class Format sessions - LCFs) is delivered. Self-assessment tests are available for each module for the students, which also provide the correct answer and provide reasons why any specific answer is the correct one and the other options wrong. Academic calendars, policies and procedures for assessment and promotion, announcements and assignments are posted on AKUMed. This site also provides a system to the students and faculty to communicate with each other.

Each student can access their own year/module's schedule and self-tests and their own previous archived modules including objectives and cases. The access to each year is password protected. Students cannot enter the senior years or the junior years' schedules and assignments. AKUMed is available for all faculty members, who can also see what has been offered before and what has been scheduled for later in the entire curriculum.

Material on the site is property of AKU and must not be copied without permission.

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