The Examination Cell helps to conduct and analyse Aga Khan University (AKU) Medical College (MC) and School of Nursing (SON) examinations. It is a central cell for whole of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS).

Medical College

Protocols and procedures followed for the Medical College examinations:

  • Receive question papers from the examination coordinators;
  • Formatting of the question papers;
  • Obtain a signed copy of the examination paper after review by the respective examination coordinator, before photocopying;
  • Assign allotted numbers to each students in the professional examinations;
  • Photocopying, stapling and enveloping of the question papers;
  • Registration of each student in the professional examinations;
  • Confirm venues for each examination;
  • Delivery of the examination papers to the respective venues;
  • Ensure that the all examinations start on time;
  • Take attendance of students;
  • Collection of the examination papers and answer scripts including (Optical Mark Reader) OMR sheets;
  • Scanning of the OMR sheets through Optical Mark Reader;
  • Ensure that each sheet has been read properly by manual checking/editing of each OMR sheet;
  • Send copy of item analysis and difficulty and discrimination indices to the examination coordinator/departments for their feedback;
  • Incorporate the changes, if required;
  • Compilation of the results;
  • Assist examination coordinator in summarising the results/eligibility and presenting these results/eligibility in respective Stage/Year Committees and the Examination and Promotion Committee;
  • Ensure that the copy of the result has been sent to the Record Office, Students Affairs;
  • Announcement of the results;
  • Keep track record of the students.

For New Problem-based Learning Curriculum
In the new curriculum, examination cell formulated a graphic feedback to each student of Year I, Class of 2007 on the objectives achieved by them.

For the clinical examinations, examination cell arranges logistics requested by the examination coordinator.

School of Nursing

Examination Cell in the Department for Educational Development (DED) has been assisting SON generally by providing OMR sheets; by scanning of OMR sheets; manual checking of each OMR sheet to ensure that sheets have been scanned properly; statistical feedback (item analysis, difficulty and discrimination indices) to the concerned examination coordinators.

Examination cell also provides SON computer generated scores for the number of examinations conducted in each academic year for different subjects in various programmes as listed below:

Protocols and procedures followed for SON professional examinations:

  • Receive schedule of examination from the examination coordinators;
  • Receive list of eligible students for each examination from the examination coordinator;
  • Assign anonymous number to each student;
  • Receive question paper from the respective coordinator;
  • Formatting of the Examination papers;
  • Obtain a signed copy of the examination paper after review by the respective examination coordinator, before photocopying;
  • Delivery of the examination paper to the respective venue;
  • Collection of the answer scripts and examination papers from the respective venue;
  • Send statistical analysis to the respective examination coordinator for review;
  • Compilation of the results.
Get the result signed, and give a copy of the final result to the respective examination coordinators for presentation to Results Review Committee, SON.