Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals


To emerge as a centre of excellence in Health Professions Education (HPE) in the region, and be a resource for the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at Aga Khan University (AKU) as well as other Pakistani and international institutions. 


Department for Educational Development (DED) introduces philosophical underpinnings and promotes excellence in education through graduate programmes, courses, other faculty development initiatives, curricular development and reviews, and participation in curricular activities in HPE.

It conducts, encourages and disseminates research in HPE and plays a key role in creating an environment at AKU in which HPE is valued as an integral and essential component of the academic mission of FHS. 


Goals of the department are to: 

  1. Promote innovative trends in HPE at Faculty of Health Sciences, AKU in:
    • curriculum development
    • the art and science of teaching and learning
    • the development of educational resources and facilities
      • promote the development of integrated library systems 
      • promote virtual learning resources, for example, use of technology, e-learning, and flexible learning environments;
      • promote distance learning
      • develop and maintain Standardised Patient Bank
      • develop and maintain a Skills Lab
    • the art and science of assessment
    • improving the examination systems 

  2. Be a resource for programme evaluations and curricular reviews.
  3. Promote educational excellence through consultations and collaborations with AKU faculty and programmes (nursing, undergraduate medical education, Postgraduate Medical Education, graduate studies, faculty development, Continuing Medical Education, Centre of English Language) and other Pakistani and international experts and institutions. 

  4. Conduct research in HPE by:
    • keeping the research agenda central to all educational activities
    • publishing and disseminating results of the research
    • encouraging collaborative research at institutional, national and international levels
    • securing intramural and extramural grants 

  5. Highlight the scholarly medical education work of faculty members and promote medical education/HPE as a career path for faculty.​