Message from Associate Dean  Education, FHS

Message from Associate Dean Education, FHS RWZ.bmp

The Department for Educational Development (DED), Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at Aga Khan University (AKU) caters to and guides the current and future educational development needs of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the Medical College and School of Nursing.

The Department is an educational resource and think tank for educational innovations. It researches, thinks through and identifies, appropriate philosophy underpinning good educational practices in curriculum development, innovative teaching and learning, robust assessment systems and contextual programme evaluations.

It conducts faculty development retreats, workshops and courses to prepare the faculty to fulfill new roles, such as, facilitation of learning, supervision and assessment, and mentoring to name a few. It encourages faculty to pursue courses, certificates and careers in Health Professions Education (HPE).

DED has developed from a single faculty department to a department with full time faculty and joint appointments with the departments of Biomedical Sciences, Medicine and Surgery. It enjoys a unique position to facilitate systemic change, serve as a catalyst for new advocacy efforts in education at FHS and constantly striving for AKU to achieve excellence in its educational programmes.

DED faculty is committed, qualified, motivated, creative and collegial, and has strong support from University leadership. DED plays a key role in creating an environment at AKU in which HPE is valued as an integral and essential component of the academic mission of FHS.

Dr Rukhsana W. Zuberi
Professor, Family Medicine,
Associate Dean and Chair,
Department for Educational Development
Aga Khan University