Department of Educational Development

Department for Educational Development


The Department for Educational Development (DED) was established in 1987 for strengthening educational programmes for Aga Khan University Medical College (AKU-MC). DED also provides faculty development workshops and courses for improving teaching at the School of Nursing (SON), Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), Aga Khan University (AKU), and AKU programmes in East Africa. It also provides assistance in medical education to other Pakistani institutions as needed. 

DED's primary function is faculty development for improved Health Professions Education (HPE). It is responsible for introducing new initiatives and the philosophical underpinnings for improvement of educational programmes.

The department focuses on areas of educational pedagogy, including innovative curricula, new instructional strategies, use of e-learning and web-based resources, innovative and appropriate assessment methods, and evaluation of educational programmes. Its initiatives include retreats, workshops, sessions and courses in HPE. Additionally, the department participates in key educational committees and in curricular activities and serves as a resource for educational research in health sciences education.

DED is also responsible for developing leaders in HPE.

Scope and Functions

DED is advisory to the Dean and guides the faculty regarding the structure of the curriculum including overall goals, sequencing of content and most appropriate teaching, learning and assessment strategies to meet different goals. It also facilitates development of educational innovations and support systems, for example, developing web-based learning management systems, planning for a Skills Learning Centre and capacity building for the Student Mentorship Programme.