eLearning at DCPE

eLearning at DCPE

eLearning - the use of information and communications technology (ICT) for learning, teaching and learner support services - plays an important role in the Department of Continuing Professional Education (DCPE) for increasing scope and quality of Continuing Education sessions.

Although a fairly new AKU initiative, eLearning has successfully attracted enthusiasts and early adopters from different parts of the University, and certainly the DCPE is no exception. The DCPE uses eLearning for:

  • Offering courses to participants in other parts of Pakistan and abroad, so that they can benefit from the knowledge and skills of AKU faculty;
  • Inviting facilitators from other AKU campuses and institutions to improve the quality of Continuing Education Programme;
  • Supporting classroom learning through sharing of resources and allowing discussions and debates online to seek clarity of ideas;
  • Continuing follow-up of the courses and creating communities of practice for ongoing learning beyond the duration of short courses.

eLearning Software Tools

After a lengthy needs-assessment phase, AKU has introduced the use of the following two eLearning software tools: Elluminate Live! for synchronous (i.e. real-time, live) eLearning and Moodle for asynchronous (i.e. non-real-time) eLearning. User guides for both these eLearning software tools are available on AKU's eLearning intranet site.


For more information about AKU's eLearning initiatives, please write to elearning@aku.edu​.