Urban Health Programme

Urban Health Programme

The Urban Health Programme, designed by the Department of Community Health Sciences, has provided support to various squatter settlements of Karachi to solve health and socio-economic problems. The programme focuses on improving the health of people in the settlements, especially expectant women and children, by providing preventive and curative services. Interventions such as developing a safe water supply, improving sanitation and providing education and income generation opportunities have also been promoted to positively impact on health and social development. more​

UHP Field Sites 

The UHP is currently involved in managing two field sites, Sultanabad and Rehri Goth. A team of physician, community health nurse, lady health visitor, clinical assistant and community organiser visit each of these field sites daily and work with local CBOs, to provide health and development related services. more​​


Peer reviewed articles / papers published through the Urban Health Programme are available.

Research Publications​