UHP Field Sites

UHP Field Sites

Basic Demographic Information


Sultanabad is a very old squatter settlement of Karachi, located in District West-Kemari Town, covering an area of 0.5 square km. Its total population is around 25,000, living in 4,500 partially leased houses. It is dominated by residents who speak Pushto and Hindko. Of the population, 51% of men and 74% of women have no schooling and are illiterate, while 13.6% of the population comprises of children under five years. Among the women, 21% are of child bearing age. The majority of men are involved in service-related professions or are working on daily wages. Women also contribute towards household income, primarily through cottage industry.

Rehri Goth

Rehri Goth is a more than 300-year-old village situated in District Malir, Bin Qasim Town, at the coastal margin of the Arabian Sea. It covers an area of 1.3 square km, and has a population of 40,000, of which 98% is Sindhi-speaking, preserving a customary life style without accommodating the fast changes of modern times. The majority of women are housewives, while men are fishermen. Women contribute to family income by sorting prawns and small fish. Children under five form 14% of the population and 22 % of women are CBA. Literacy level is very low with only 10% men and 4% women having attended formal schooling.