Research and Projects

Understanding Determinants of Health​

Seeking Behaviour and Their Relationship to Health Service Utilization using Kroeger's Framework of Health-seeking Behaviour in Northern Areas, Pakistan. (Babar Shaikh, Juanita Hatcher)

The objectives of this study are to:

  • Determine the pattern of utilization of health care services for the most common health problems at both the community level and the health care facility.
  • Investigate the major factors responsible for shaping the health seeking behaviour, and thus health service utilization of the people living in the study area, at both a personal level and institution level (Kroeger's conceptualization1).
  • Validate the information collected through triangulation of research.
  • Identify key areas, in consultation with the local community, AKHSP, government and other players, where improved coordination and planning of future programs and strategies would improve the overall provision of health care in area.
  • Provide information to AKHSP, local government and others that would assist in the development of strategies and programs that reflect equity, efficiency and good governance

Funder: AKF, Geneva