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Assuring quality of services: the development of a performance measurement framework for Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH)

Time frame: January 2006 - January 2009

Principal Investigator: Dr Fauziah Rabbani, Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences (CHS), Aga Khan University (AKU)


Funding Sources: WHO EMRO, SASNET, AKU-URC

AKU Research Team: S. M. Wasim Jafri, Department of Medicine; Farhat Abbas, Chief Operating Officer AKUH (on-site); Gregory Pappas, Babar T. Shaikh, Naushaba Mobeen, Shafaq Ambreen, Department of Community Health Sciences; Mairaj Shah, Manager, Clinical Affairs and CME; Aslam Fareed, Manager, Strategic Marketing Research; Gulzar S. Lakhaani, Manager, Department of Surgery, AKUH; Wasif Shahzad, Manager, Department of Medicine, AKUH; Salma Jaffer, Manager, JCIA Coordination, AKUH.

Foreign Collaborators: Mats Brommels, Director, Medical Management Centre, Karolinska Institutet, Stockhom, Sweden; Goran Tomson, Professor, International Health Systems Research IHCAR Div International Health, Department Public Health Sciences and Director of Doctoral Programme, Medical Management Centre, Karolinska Institutet Sweden.

General Objective: To conduct research and training in performance measurement, health administration and hospital management strategies.

Project Details

a. Research: The first study has assessed the feasibility of implementing a performance management tool such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in low income health care settings by drawing on experiences of BSC implementation in high income countries. The second study has performed a retrospective analysis of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Programme (QIPSP) of AKUH to better understand the approach towards quality improvement and patient safety activities. The third study has conducted cultural assessment in one of the clinical departments at AKUH in order to identify areas for improvement and bring about positive change. The fourth study​ (in progress) is reviewing data from existing periodical quality assurance, patient and employee satisfaction surveys and financial reports to design a BSC for AKUH. The fifth study will test the change in performance improvement indicators before and after implementation of BSC.

b. Training: To date, one regional workshop has been conducted on health administration in order to provide tools to mid level managers and clinicians for strategic planning and performance management. More training sessions will follow.