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Hypertension related damage to microcirculation in South Asians - emergence, predictive power and reversibility (Tazeen Jafar)

Microcirculatory disturbances are critically involved in the emergence and sequelae of hypertension. Retinal micro-vessel abnormalities predict CVD, independently of other risk factors. The objectives of this study are:

  • Ascertain if offspring of individuals with hypertension have disturbed retinal vascular patterns, specifically increased vessel length to diameter ratio, reduced arterio-venous ratio, narrowed branching angles and increased vessel tortuosity, compared with offspring of normotensive parents, and examine relationships between these abnormalities and blood pressure, and with other cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors, such as lipids, glucose and insulin;
  • Investigate, in adults and children, whether change in blood pressure over 2 years is related to change in retinal vascular parameters, and explore the relationship of these changes with other risk factors; and
  • Examine if a reduction in blood pressure due to antihypertensive therapy causes a proportionate improvement in retinal abnormalities in adults (aged 40+).

Funder: Wellcome Trust, UK