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North South Networking for Health Administration Research and Training: AKU and Karolinska Institutet in Limelight 

(Work in progress)

Principal Investigator: Dr Fauziah Rabbani​, Associate Professor, Department. of Community Health Sciences, Aga Khan University.

Grant source: SASNET (Swedish South Asian Network) 

Grant period: 2005-2008


In order to achieve millennium development goals in low income countries medical universities and hospitals need to strengthen research and training in health systems and good governance.


Aga Khan University (AKU) and Hospital (AKUH) Pakistan has an ongoing academic and research collaboration with Karolinska Institute since 1994. A formal networking between Swedish partners and AKU has recently materialized.

Plan for networking

Funded through SASNET, a Swedish South Asian Network on health administration and management training and research (NHART ) has evolved through collaboration between three Swedish University Departments; (1) Health Systems and Policy Group at IHCAR Dept. of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet (KI) (2) Medical Management Centre KI  (3) School of Business Stockholm University and Aga Khan University Karachi Pakistan. From AKU Dr. Fauziah Rabbani (Pakistani Principal Investigator) was invited to IHCAR in 2005 for further training in health policy and management and the planning for NHART was materialized. A group of health professionals comprising of clinicians and managers in various hospital units at AKUH are working on a health administration project. A pilot study on testing and adapting the Balanced Score Card framework at AKUH is under progress. The Swedish investigators are collaborating with Aga Khan University, Karachi in connection with health system and management studies and seminars/workshops focusing on current practices in performance measurement, health administration and management strategies.


It is envisaged that with AKU being the focal point for NHART, this initiative will serve as a cornerstone in health systems development and health administration in South Asia.

AKU Research Team

S. M. Wasim Jafri Department of Medicine, Farhat Abbas Chief Operating Officer AKUH (on-site), Gregory Pappas, Babar T. Shaikh, Naushaba Mobeen, Shafaq Ambreen Department of Community Health Sciences, M airaj Shah, Manager Clinical Affairs and CME, Aslam Fareed, Manager, Strategic Marketing Research, Gulzar S. Lakhaani Manager, Department of Surgery, AKUH, Wasif Shahzad Manager, Department of Medicine, AKUH, Salma Jaffer Manager, JCIA Coordination, AKUH

Foreign collaborators

Mats Brommels Director Medical Management Centre Karolinska Institutet Stockhom, Sweden, Goran Tomson Professor International Health Systems Research IHCAR Div International Health, Dept Public Health Sciences and Director of Doctoral Programme, Medical Management Centre, Karolinska Institutet Sweden, Sven Modell, School of Business Stockholm University