CHS Grants


CHS Annouces US $1.95 million for e-Health

September 5, 2007

Community Health Sciences (CHS) is proud to announce a grant of CAN $2.04 million (approximately US $1.95 million) over three years from International Development Research Center​ (IDRC), Canada to develop capacity for e-Health advancement and research in eighteen developing countries of Asia.

The grant has been awarded to Dr Shariq Khoja​ (Assistant Professor in CHS and Medical Director's Office), who will act as Principal Investigator on this project, and will work in coordination with number of institutions in Asia to promote e-Health research in the region. The project is called PAN Asian Collaboration for Evidence-based e-Health Adoption and Application (PANACeA), and will try to find answers to the following four core research questions:

  • Which e-Health applications and practices have had the most beneficial outcomes on the health of individuals, communities and the improvement of health systems?
  • What are the best ways for ensuring that beneficial outcomes can reach the segment of the population that still doesn't have adequate access to health services?
  • What is the potential of using new pervasive technologies such as mobile phones/PDAs as tools to make the delivery of health services or information more effective?
  • What types of technologies/applications are best suited to help prepare for, or mitigate the effects of disasters, pandemics and emerging and re-emerging diseases?

Other major partners on this project are University of Calgary in Canada , Angeles University Foundation in Philippines , PrimaCare in Malaysia and Molave Development Foundation in Philippines . All these partners are getting separate funds for their specific roles in the project.

Congratulations to Dr Shariq Khoja on this achievement.​