eHealth Services in Northern Pakistan

Improving Health Services in Northern Pakistan through eHealth 

Improving Health Services in Northern Pakistan through eHealth is a pilot project, initiated by Aga Khan University and funded by Aga Khan Foundation, Geneva. It will explore the use of mobile technologies such as GPRS and Edge in remote mountainous areas where fibre-optic connectivity is not widely available, and satellite connectivity is either expensive or blocked due to border restrictions.

In the first phase of the project mobile connectivity for most peripheral health facilities, in conjunction with higher bandwidth services, such as DSL, will be tested to connect secondary care facilities to improve access and quality of health services in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

In the second phase, the community-based health centers of Aga Khan Health Services, Pakistan in Northern Areas will be connected with facilities and field offices for Tele-consultation, Continuing Professional Development and Tele-monitoring.

Dr Shariq Khoja from the Department of Community Health Sciences is the Principal Investigator.​