Educational Programmes

Educational Programmes

Undergraduate Medical Education 

Community Health Sciences currently delivers about 18 per cent of classroom teaching and coordinates 90 per cent of off-campus education, involving students in Urban Primary Health Care sites.

Director Undergraduate Medical Education, CHS: Dr Narjis Rizvi 

Postgraduate Education 

CHS launched AKU's first postgraduate degree programme in 1996, a two-year MSc programme, the first of its type in Pakistan. This was enhanced to include formal recognition of biostatistics in the name of the degree commencing with the class of 2001. In 2000, CHS launched a second two-year MSc programme ​in Health Policy and Management. CHS also supplies substantial course content to the PhD degree programme in health sciences, launched in 1999.

Director Epidemiology & Biostatistics Programme: Dr Romaina Iqbal
Director Health Policy & Management Programme: Dr Shehla Zaidi 

Mental Health Tr​ack, MSc-HPM

Students enrolled in MSc Health Policy & Management may select elective courses based on Special Areas of Emphasis (SAE). The SAE programme currently comprises of the Mental Health Track which provides graduates a broader base with specific skills for the diverse public health needs for Mental Health in the region. By the end of the first term a student may select SAE in the regular programme, leading to thesis development in the chosen SAE.

Director Mental Health Track, MSc-HPM: Dr Omrana Pasha
Speciality Education 

CHS developed Pakistan's first speciality programmes in Family Medicine and Community Medicine. Both programmes are recognised by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan and make extensive use of PHC, as well as relevant external attachments under supervision. 

Director Community Medicine Residency Programme: Dr Zafar Fatmi

Continuing Education Programme 

Since 1994 The Department of Community health Sciences is offering short training courses under its Continuing Education Programme.  

These courses focus on health and social development issues and are designed to strengthen technical skills, professional capacity and problem solving abilities of individuals working for governmental, nongovernmental and international agencies within and outside Pakistan.

Director Continuing Education Programme, CHS: Dr Sarah Saleem 

Other Education and Training Initiatives 

In support of the School of Nursing, CHS has also contributed substantially to the development of Community Health Nursing, as a distinct discipline, as well as to the BScN programme. 

Research and Development Activities 

A review of FHS grants and contacts over the past few years reveals that CHS accounts for more than half the total financial value. Faculty are currently contributing annually in the range of 30-50 published articles, book chapters, etc, to the international health sciences literature.​