We provide the following technical assistance to clinicians, nurses and other health workers in developing their research projects:

  1. Developing research question;
  2. Critical review of literature;
  3. Identifying the appropriate outcome according to the study question;
  4. Choosing the appropriate study design;
  5. Identifying/selecting study population;
  6. Sample size calculations;
  7. Methods of enrolment;
  8. Population census;
  9. Techniques of randomisation/blinding, etc;
  10. Developing and validating questionnaires;
  11. Developing the budget;
  12. Identifying/mapping logistical support;
  13. Writing or reviewing the proposal;
  14. Writing or reviewing the protocol;
  15. Ethical considerations;
  16. Training research personnel in following internationally acceptable standards of measurement;
  17. Developing techniques to ensure quality control;
  18. Establish collaborations/links with other departments/organisations that are needed for the research work;
  19. Oversight Committees;
  20. Data Safety and Monitoring Board;
  21. Endpoints Committee.

Data Management Services

  1. Construction of computerised database;
  2. Data entry;
  3. Data cleaning and verification;
  4. Data storage.

Statistical Consulting Service

  1. Sample size calculations;
  2. Choosing appropriate method for analyses;
  3. Analysing the data.​