Course on Health Economics & Cost Effectiveness


Course on Health Economics and Cost Effectiveness

The 10-day course on Health Economics and Cost Effectiveness organised by the Clinical Epidemiology Unit (CEU), a Department of the Community Health Sciences (CHS) at Aga Khan University (AKU) from March 21 to April 1, 2005, was a proud accomplishment. This course was attended by 28 participants from AKU including managers, assistant managers, senior instructors, head nurses, research fellows and clinical scholars, from the areas of Medicine, Surgery, Outpatient Services, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and CHS.

The course provided an excellent platform for beginners and experienced professionals to interact with each other to better understand the concepts of health economics and cost effectiveness; there were strenuous efforts made by facilitator to maintain the fervor and interest, through out in a diverse group of self motivated participants. This course was designed to identify the economic dimension to health and health care, relate economic criteria of efficiency to health and health care issues, and demonstrate an understanding of the tools of economic evaluation and cost-effectiveness analysis. The workshop participants unanimously felt that it contributed tremendously to their learning and knowledge of the subject and has also enhanced their ability to use this knowledge for practical purposes. CEU considers this a big achievement!

Below is the preliminary analysis of the feedback given by the participants. All questions are rated from 1 (unsatisfactory ), 2 (satisfactory), 3 (good), 4 (excellent) and 5 (outstanding ) and mean scores are given below:

1. Overall rating of the course 4.7
2. Course objectives and learning 4.2
3. Lecture content and presentations 4.5
4. Group work and exercise 4.2
5. Quality of session handouts 4.6

Generic Comments:

  1. Given its content workshop time should be increased.
  2. More emphasis needed in 'doing' cost effective analysis/cost utility analysis.
  3. Course Facilitator (Peter Cosgrove) had been exceptionally helpful in giving time even after the scheduled hours.
  4. More workshops of this type are required.

CEU is dedicated to realise AKU's mission of promoting research and research training and looks forward to provide education and trainings by conducting similar informative courses and workshops in the near future.

Dr Tazeen Jafar
Director, Clinical Epidemiology Unit
Dr Imtiaz Jehan
Co-Director, Clinical Epidemiology Unit