Clinical Epidemiology Unit

About Us

The Clinical Epidemiology Unit (CEU) of Aga Khan University (AKU), located in the Department of Community Health Sciences, was established in 2002. The same year, it became a member of the International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN​). CEU at AKU is a network of epidemiologists, biostatisticians, clinicians, nurses, social scientists, health economists, and other health workers. It is the only INCLEN-recognised clinical epidemiology unit in Pakistan.


Our mission is to improve the health of individuals and populations by promoting equitable, evidence-based and good quality health care. In order to accomplish this mission, we conduct and promote collaborative research on measurement of and knowledge about factors that influence health; and train clinicians and other health workers in research.


  • To promote multi-disciplinary research on health problems of national and regional importance, and disseminate its findings nationally and internationally;
  • To build capacity through training, and mentorship programmes;
  • To conduct/participate in national or multinational clinical trials, sponsored by research organisations, pharmaceutical companies and others;
  • To facilitate the development of evidence-based national and regional clinical practice and policy guidelines;
  • To build partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organisations to translate research findings into practice and publicaction.​