Medical College, Pakistan​

​Medical College, Pakistan



First Afghan Doctors complete Training in Pakistan under AKU’s customised Neurology Residency Programme
AKU Medical College has developed Neurologists, Drs Esmatullah Hamed and Khatool Najmi, through a tailor-made Neurology training programme, to provide neurological health-care in Afghanistan.


A​ga Khan University, Medical College
Stadium Road, P.O Box 3500, Karachi 74800, Pakistan
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The Aga Khan University is committed to addressing foreseeable future needs of the developing countries by making valuable and relevant contributions in teaching, research and service. The Medical College was thus established in 1983, as a part of the Aga Khan University’s Faculty of Health Sciences in Karachi, Pakistan. It works closely with the School of Nursing and Midwifery and the Aga Khan University Hospital​  which serves as a principal clinical and teaching facility, to demonstrate leadership in the education of health professionals in practice relevant to the health care needs of Pakistan and other developing countries. 

AKU attaches great emphasis to the professional, personal and intellectual development of students, so that its medical graduates become contributory members and leaders of society. The Departments of the Medical College offer a number of programmes which are grouped as underg​raduate, graduate, postgraduate and continuing professional education​ programmes. These programmes develop clinical competence in community settings and hospitals, as well as the assessment of health and prevention of disease in communities through primary health care programmes.

Faculty, students and staff are devoted to the highest standard of education, scholarship and research. Research and Scholarship in all academic units, continues to take on increasing importance and we are competitive internationally in a number of research areas. The faculty also provide high level patient care through collaboration with various health care professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to support diagnosis and treatment in their work with the University Hospital.